Flexible Working Conditions: How to Help Employees Feel Comfortable?


Working in flexible working conditions has become an inevitable part of the lives of millions of people. Some employees enjoy getting more freedom of choosing working hours or an opportunity to work from home, while others might be a bit frustrated in this situation. How to help them feel more comfortable in such an environment? Discover all the necessary info right here below.

Before You Start

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How To Help Employees Feel Comfortable?

Flexible working conditions and remote cooperation might have some inconveniences for the employees. What are they? How to make the working conditions better? Find out the list of tips to make their working environment more conducive.

Arrange Meetings Regularly

Meetings are an important part of any working process. They allow planning and setting up the tasks in the most productive way, improving communication between the members of one team, and boost the effectiveness of the entire company. When having flexible schedules, the employees might easily start their working day in the office at different times. Therefore, it might be good to schedule meetings (both online and real-life) neither too early nor too late. Most employees believe that 11 a.m. is the best time for having a productive conversation.

Use More Communication And Task-Tracking Tools

When many employees are working at different hours, there might be difficult for them to communicate with each other. To solve this common issue, it might be a great idea to use task-tracking tools so that the members of a single team have a chance to keep in touch with the results of the work done with no need to constantly contact each other. Moreover, it is necessary to use various online communication tools to make cooperation more productive. There are lots of free and paid alternatives that can be used for business purposes.

Have Some Rules

Flexible working hours should still have some limitations. For example, the employees should start their working day in the morning but not at 2 p.m. Most companies with flexible working hours offer to start working from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. This allows most employees to feel comfortable and get ready for a new business day according to their personal needs and preferences. Therefore, having some rules is still good for the entire team.

Pay Attention To Team Building

Most psychologists and sociologists believe that team building is an essential part of any working process. This simple technique allows new employees to understand the corporate culture better, interact with other team members, and just enjoy working in a friendly environment. It is also worth mentioning that this rule works even in case most employees are working remotely. You can provide online training, have a Friday chilling meeting to discuss various topics that are not closely connected with work. Moreover, it might also be great to congratulate the employees on certain holidays even if they work remotely. It will improve the attitude of most employees towards the company and make the entire working process more enjoyable.

Remember About Work-Life Balance

Having flexible hours doesn’t mean the employees should work from early morning till late night. Many employers forget about this and give their teams too much work. It is vital to remember that people are not robots; they are not likely to complete their responsibilities when working over eight hours per day. This means keeping in mind the importance of a work-life balance is essential for any team leader or executive. Otherwise, the employees might fail to cope with their tasks and even start looking for a job elsewhere.

All in all, helping employees feeling comfortable when having flexible working conditions is not an easy task. However, if you follow the simple hints mentioned above, you are likely to succeed. Always remember the basic needs of the employees to arrange a working process in the most productive way. By the way, most employees value companies that offer some extra benefits.