5 Trends in Audio and Video Marketing

Currently a best practice for marketers is to adopt multiple mediums to optimize engagement and conversions. Of all these mediums, audio and video marketing have been on a steady rise.

Marketing has advanced a lot with time if we compare it with from where it began. In the present day, we use several mediums for the marketing of different products, services, and businesses.

Of these mediums, audio and video marketing have been seeing a steady rise recently. Such sort of marketing has developed its trends that allow businesses and companies to attract potential clients and customers the best way possible.

If you, too, want to know about these trends that can help you up to your marketing game, then do not worry. Here are some trends we have seen recently and are expected to grow.

Audio marketing

During the last few years, the importance of sound for audio branding has started to show its significance as you know that sound has more influence over all other mediums.

The suitable soundtrack and audio design also add an emotional element to your content. Sometimes even the music and jingles in different advertisements can be a huge part of marketing. As people start to associate such music with your product and that can be a huge plus for brand recall.

Moreover, over the years, many brands and companies have tried new ventures such as podcasts, and they are an excellent source for audio marketing.

Invest in Podcasts

A podcast is a recording, usually part of a series, which is commonly available through the internet, and you may download and listen to it however you please. At home, at work, while driving or maybe even while working out.

Be it through a podcast or youtube; you need a good reach for marketing. There is a wide range of audiences who feel more comfortable and familiar with listening to podcasts while performing daily activities.

In a survey of a podcast audience of 300,000, almost 63% audience bought the product the host spoke about, which proves that podcasts help greatly influence the buyer’s decision. All you need is to record the right content.

Look Into Voice-Enabled Advertising

Voice-enabled advertising is one of the many benefits that businesses can gain from modern technology.

In case you do not know what voice-enabled advertising is, do not worry. It is merely the audio version of Google AdWords. Voice-Enabled advertising plays audio ads of your product to potential buyers with the help of Google. At present, it is not as widely used, but it is only a matter of time until businesses start utilizing it more and more.

The best part about voice-enabled advertising is that you do not need to worry about reaching the right audience as Google does that for you by playing ads only to individuals that are potentially interested in the service or product you have to offer.

Video marketing

Video is one of the most gainful and versatile digital marketing tools available. If you are planning about good content marketing, you surely need to make videos a part of your strategy.

It has been a profitable year for video marketing, and these numbers will only increase in the upcoming years. The level of videography and videos for marketing is progressing at such a rate that it will soon reach new heights in the marketing industry.

Work With YouTube

YouTube is an international platform for sharing videos. It is a highly accessible platform as it is easy to access via mobile phone, PC, laptop, or iPad and even smart TVs as well. If your product video is up to par, this platform doesn’t take time to make your video or product trending amongst hundreds to thousands of viewers.

Google owns YouTube, and therefore if you utilize YouTube for your business, then you grow your chances of appearing in search results and improve your rankings. Rather than the ads showed on television or heard on the radio, many people pay attention to the ads that show on YouTube as they are of interest to them.

Long Form Is The New Short Form

We all have heard countless times about the short attention span of humans. And that has led to marketing teams sticking with short-form videos. While these videos are more likely to be watched completely, there is no assurance that it brings a higher engagement.

In fact, according to a study, only one-third of the engagements, or lesser, is delivered by short-form videos. Your audience needs to establish a bond with your content, and short-form videos do not provide sufficient time for that.

This is why long-form videos are being highly considered in the present, as compared to short-form, when it comes to video marketing. A 2017 survey shows that long-form videos can be the source of up to 50% of your engagements.

Go 360 Degrees

If you do not want to go with long-form videos and would prefer shorter ones, then you need to up your game by more interactive content.

And what can be more interactive than virtual reality? This, too, is a recent technology that has only begun to take flight, but with the right production and efforts, a 360-degree video can prove to be the perfect way for one to get higher engagement from their audience.


Both these forms of marketing are of great benefit to any business willing to flourish and spread its audience. There is an entire audience for both audio and video marketing, and people follow the respective platform depending on their choice and interest.

Podcast and YouTube are both proven to be extremely beneficial for content marketing and thus helping to spread the word about any respective brand or business.

According to your product, you may decide whichever platform seems more suitable for marketing. Competition is increasing, and companies need to put their A-game if they want their brand to be highlighted amongst their audience.


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