Evil eye jewelry: Everything you need to know

Talking about the Evil Eye, I believe everyone of us is somewhat familiar. It is also called the Turkish Eye, the Blue Eye or the Eye of Medusa, a mysterious concept with thousands of history, serving as an important inspiration for multiple cultures for a long time.

Talking about the Evil Eye jewelry, I believe everyone of us is somewhat familiar. The evil eye is also called the Turkish Eye, the Blue Eye or the Eye of Medusa.

The evil eye is a mysterious concept with thousands of history, serving as an important inspiration for multiple cultures for a long time.

“For thousands of years the eye has maintained its steady hold on the human imagination,” writes Quinn Hargitai.

Eye of Medusa

There exist many legends about the origin of the evil eye, and the story about “Eye of Medusa” is more widely spread.

According to Greek mythology, Athena attached Medusa’s head to her armor in order to obtain the latter’s petrification ability. In the subsequent battles, Athena was invincible, thus achieving once again glory.

Meanings of the evil eye: guardianship, peace and good luck

From this legend we can see the evil eye meaning. Medusa’s eyes have since become a symbol of guardianship and peace. The locals made similar eyes, and believed that they are able to resist the evils and bring good luck.

Therefore, such mysterious eyes were made into various forms of keepsakes to keep away evil spirits and protect themselves.

Swarovski Spring 19 1
Swarovski 2019 Spring Collection

Ancient people also thought that the most vulnerable group to the evil were children, pretty women, and literally anyone who stood out, since kids are vulnerable and beauty and success spell jealousy easily.

Fortunately, the evil eye is able to attract and trap the jealous eye. And if finally the evil eye gets broken, it means that the disaster has been resolved.

A symbol of Turkish culture

Ancient locals in Turkey believed that if they were stared at by the evil god, there would be a doom; therefore they always wore a blue eye-shaped amulet that mimics the eye of the devil to attract its attention and avoid bad luck.

Thus the blue eye or Nazar Boncuğu is a traditional evil avoidance in Turkey and their favorite amulet and mascot.

Turkish evil eyes are composed of several (usually four) circles that resemble concentric circles.

In terms of color matching, the traditional blue-and-white design has been adopted, with a small black point in the middle, and therefore they are also called the blue eye;

In addition, evil eyes are usually made of fragile materials, such as glass.

This is because the locals believe that evil eyes can absorb the terrible magic brought about by the demon and it is supposed to break, which means that the amulet has played a role in eliminate bad luck. Once it breaks, people put on new ones instead.

evil eye 4591427 1280 1

In Turkey, Nazar Boncuğu is often hung or painted on the walls and in the vehicles. People also wear evil eye necklaces, bracelets and other accessories in order to escape doom and maintain peace.

Since it is so common and local, Turkey evil eye has also become one of the symbols of the country.

In Cappadocia, you can often see tall bare trees covered with blue eyes. Most of these are hung by locals, expressing their awe of the unknown world, which makes a scenic landscape.

Now the evil eye has become a fashion choice fascinated by people who want to add a mystic touch to their look. Here are a few selected pieces of evil eye jewelry

Evil eye jewelry with a minimalist design will never be outdated

The magic is that minimalist jewelry makes us feel refreshed and cleaned for a moment. It has simple lines and colors and unpretentious is the core idea.

Popularity of minimalist jewellery is a successful practice of the “less is more” philosophy in jewelry, which helps us to meet the true demands of returning to the original simplicity and purity.

Therefore, this type of jewelry is especially suitable for women who have clear goals, strong power and leadership.

VG11135 alt2 76896

Gold plated eye of Horus coin necklace

By Dogeared, $69.

This powerful amulet is an “all seeing eye” worn to protect and heal. Wear it for strength, courage and good health.

Everyone could use a little extra protection. For centuries the eye of horus has been a symbol for protection and healing. Wear this gold amulet when you need a little back up or gift it to a friend as a reminder that strength comes from within.

Looking for something else? There are a few more recommended pieces that are of high quality yet not so pricy. Remember minimalism is a long lasting trend in fashion as well as in jewelry and that you will not make a bad decision if you stick to this rule.


By Dogeared, $69

“Protect me” gold plated evil eye tablet necklace


by Amanda Rose Jewelry, $149.99

14k Gold Evil Eye Necklace on a 16-18 in


by Gorjana, $50

Madison Evil Eye Coin Necklace


by Gelin, $89.9

14k Solid Gold Diamond Eye Studs


By Amanda Rose, $179.9

Evil Eye Bolo Bracelet in 14k Yellow Gold


By The World Jewelry Center, $118

14k Yellow Gold CZ Evil Eye Chain Bracelet

Sparkly and shining is really popular now

This trend is mostly promoted by SWAROVSKI with its icon evil eye jewelry collection. Compared to other styles, this sparkle group serves a real versatile eye candy, suitable for specific events, business occasions as well as casual looks.

Yet remember that SWAROVSKI uses artificial crystals only, so if you prefer to wear natural gemstones, gold or silver, it is better to turn to other high end brands such as Ross Simons, as recommended below.

You can see clearly that this brand is using authentic high- quality crystals and sterling silver as main materials, well, keep it real baby.

pendentif swarovski symbolic evil eye bleu finition mix de métal swarovski 5172560 1

Crystal Duo Evil Eye Rose Gold-Plated Necklace


This crystal embellished evil eye necklace has a strong symbolic and mystical history from SWAROVSKI.

It adds a mystic touch to any look, featuring one eye motif in blue, black, and clear crystal pavé and one in rose gold-plated metal.


by SWAROVSKI, $119

Lucky Evil Eye Necklace Rose Gold Plated


by Ross-Simons, $129

Blue and White Diamond Evil Eye Necklace


by Ross-Simons, $99

Cultured Pearl and Enamel Drop Earrings in 18kt Gold Over Sterling


by Ross-Simons, $49

Simulated Sapphire and CZ Evil Eye Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver



Symbolic Evil Eye Hoop Pierced Earrings, Multi-Colored, Rose Gold Plating



Remix Collection Evil Eye Strand, Purple, Mixed metal finish

The exotic Turkish blue evil eye jewelry is here for interesting and mysterious you

This is how traditional evil eyes look like: little round blue and white cuties.

hulki okan tabak GZI6ZtXpx14 unsplash 1

In fact, they are so unique and exotic, especially if you manage to find some delicate high quality pieces, that they naturally catch people’s attention and establish you as a real interesting and fun person.

A nice trick is to match traditional evil eye jewelry with formal wear. Trust me, this unusual ensemble will create real surprising results!

14k Real Gold Station Evil Eye Beaded Pendant Chain Necklace

By Gelin, $149.9.

This evil eye necklace is a great choice for those who are looking for elegance and want to give a sparkling touch to their neck. It is a stylish product that you can also wear to special events such as weddings, parties and prom. Classic dressing or casual looks, as you wich.

It is made of 14k Solid Gold, Nickel Free materials, cadmium free and lead free, suitable for all sensitive skins. On the beach, gym, swimming, hiking, bathing, they don’t tarnish either.


by Gelin, $69.9

14k Solid Gold Dark Blue Evil Eye Protection Necklace


by Gelin, $69.9

14k Solid Gold Opal Round Blue Evil Eye Necklace


by Gelin, $69.9

14k Solid Gold Opal Nazar Boncuk Necklace


by Gelin, $79.9

14k Solid Gold Evil Eye Bangle Bracelet

Conclusion on evil eye jewelry

Thank you for reading this article on evil eye jewelry, feel to share your thoughts below or check other articles on jewelry that we have published: 15 Recommended Pieces of Turquoise Jewelry: All Affordable.

Image source: SWAROVSKI.


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