Do you spend more time on Tik-Tok than any other app on the Phone?

Do you spend more time on Tik-Tok than any other app on the Phone?

Do you quote viral videos in daily conversations?

Well, you aren’t alone.

Do you want to make the most out of it and become a Tik-Tok star?

You have come to the right place. Here are some effective tips to help you gain popularity on this platform:

1. Consistency and high-quality

I can’t stress enough how vital consistency is to going viral on Tik-Tok. So, before you dive in, make sure that you plan on being consistent. Don’t upload ten videos, get people hooked and interested, and leave them hanging because you don’t have time to make videos. Make some time! If you post several videos a day, you are more likely to grow quicker than someone who posts several times a week.

There is no posting too much on Tik-Tok.

Apart from that, your followers expect high quality from you, so don’t disappoint them. Whenever you have time, dress up or use customer and creative make-up that match the song you have chosen for a video. Viewers are more likely to hit the follow button or check your other videos if you are all dressed up. Also, try filming in cool locations so that your videos are more interesting.

2. Trends and challenges

One of the most effective ways to gain popularity on Tik-Tok is jumping on the newest trends and challenges as soon as possible. Whenever you are doing a trend, try not to repeat everything that has been done and add some creativity and originality to it! Don’t forget to use appropriate keywords to maximize the reach of your video and let people know that you are doing a challenge.

3. Engagement with followers/other users

Engagement with existing and potential followers is essential for long-term popularity on this app. Like and reply to most viral comments on your video and let them feel appreciated. One thing that might not sound so effective at first is scrolling through For You Page.

Comment on other people’s videos!

If you find a video you think is funny and creative and has a chance of going viral, leave a positive or a funny comment. If you manage to become one of the first comments on a video that has gone viral, your number of followers will rise.

4. Patience

What people have a hard time understanding is there are millions of videos on Tik-Tok and going viral is more challenging than it sounds. It takes some time and patience, as well. But if you want to have a head start, you can buy followers. It’s proven to be an effective way of boosting your reach. When people go to your profile, they will take you more seriously and think that you provide better content when you have, for example, twenty thousand followers. So, it’s more likely that they see your other videos and hit the follow button.

5. Rewatchable and shareable videos

The tik-Tok algorithm takes the number of rewatches and shares into account, so the more people rewatch your videos and share them with their friends in private messages, the more you are going to end up on For You Page. For example, if some parts of the video are too fast, some people might rewatch the video to understand it better.

Furthermore, use captions that add suspense to your video because people are more likely to watch the video till the end. Another way to make more people rewatch your video is to start your own challenge or create a new dance routine. Since people are going to repeat your challenge and duet your dance videos, they will watch it many times to get the dance routine right and understand how the challenge needs to be done.

These tips and tricks will help you end up on For You Page more frequently and gain popularity on Tik-Tok.