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Hello there, welcome to C. Wordsworth blog!

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We are Camille Wordsworth, Jessica and Jisub, three office workers in finance and business located separately in France and the United States. Apart from work, we take common interests in technology, jewelry, literature and philosophy.

This website is created by us to share our hands on experiences that we have received from hard work in big international entreprises as well as innovative startups based on the education we have obtained.

From here you will find actionable marketing tips that are actually taught, used and proved effective by Camille, as a digital marketing manager; new methodologies and innovative concepts on business by Jisub, who is doing investment banking but keeps a sharp eye on how to improve productivity both at work and at home; Jessica writes about technology and sometimes literature and jewelry.

Generally speaking we hope that you find the content here interesting and helpful to you as an entrepreneur and as a person. We are glad to establish such a platform to share our expertise.

If you encounter any questions with the content or other issues that you may find in here, please use the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!