5 ways get more clients for your small business


For the last decade or two, starting and running a business has turned into somewhat of a romantic idea. But there’s really nothing that romantic in being a businessman.

Boil things down to basics, and you will see that business is nothing more than a long working day, handling papers, and more often than not putting out fires that you didn’t start.

So, this increased interest in starting a business got us thinking. What can small and medium-sized corporations do to get more clients? Well, we think we have a couple of little tricks up our sleeves to share, that you will love. So keep reading, and make sure to share what you know too!

The right video can present you to lead and turn them into clients.

How many times have you seen a business have a stiff, boring, corporate video that you can barely watch through. The script is so boring that the copywriter writing it almost fell asleep in the process.

Well, that’s because they haven’t hired a corporate video production agency to do it for them. See, the right video, shown to the right warm leads can turn them into clients, while that same video seen by people who aren’t familiar with your brand can help you build a cooler, more approachable brand.

The secret is in getting people who have experience in making corporate videos. They will know the fine line between pure marketing content and the right amount of fun for the corporate audience.

Your personal social media channels matter way more than you realize.

Like it or not you will have to be on social media. And if you’re already balling on Instagram, maybe you should slow things down.

For starters, start by flushing out your LinkedIn. People will google your name, they will find you, and they will stalk you. You will have to make sure that there isn’t anything that may cost you business, just because you think you’ll look cool.

Our advice is to lock your personal Facebook profile to be visible only to friends, and don’t accept people that you’re doing business with. Instead, try and build your professional network over on LinkedIn.

And if you don’t have a LinkedIn account, it’s high time to log in and show your professional experience. It can also serve as a huge selling point if you manage to persuade them with who you are. No wonder so many people are paying money to professionals to optimize their LinkedIn accounts.

A personal touch to everything that you do will get you in front of competitors faster.

Going the extra step to make everything you do be a bit personal to every client you have can go a long way. See, one of the biggest secrets to running a successful business is to have returning clients.

And how do you get returning clients your ask?

Well, it’s all about knowing those clients. Talk to them, do something for a client that you know they will like, and most importantly, don’t be afraid to leave money on the table if that costs you the respect and trust of your client.

In other words, with everything you do, ask yourself how you would feel. Look at everything from their perspective, and if you think something may compromise the relationship you’ve built with a client, then simply don’t do it.

Focus on improving the services you deliver, or the product you’re making, rather than flashy things.

People will do business with you because the services or the products that you’re offering are the best in the market.

See, we talked about the personal touch of doing business, but it’s just as important to work on improving the product or services that you’re selling.

That’s because no matter how good you are at communicating with your clients if you can’t satisfy the demand, people will go to your competitors.

Learn how to manage the reputation of your business from early on.

Finally, it’s all about learning how to manage the reputation of your business from early on. That means that you should get on all the platforms where clients can leave reviews about your product or services.

Everything from your business’ Facebook page, to Google My Business, should be meticulously maintained, and any negative reviews should be professionally addressed and resolved as soon as possible.

This shows that you care a whole great deal about your customers and you’ll go to lengths in order to help them and give them the best experience when it comes to interacting with your business.