5 benefits of faster crawling in indexing of websites


When it comes to understanding website crawling and how search engines index websites, many might get confused. Every SEO expert has different ways to ensure google crawls their websites quickly, but overall the concept remains the same.

Search engines come with in-built web crawlers, internet bots that systematically browse the internet with the purpose of indexing web pages. Web crawlers move rapidly from page to page, going through the content of each web page, and making copies. These copies are stored in something called an index, along with all the other web pages the crawler has read.

When you hear someone refer to getting a site ‘crawled’ or ‘indexed’, they are referring to different parts of the same overall process. There are situations when a site might now get indexed even after being crawled. This could be brought on by a delay, a bug, or a mistake in your website. In the case of the former two, search engines will eventually get back to each page and index them. When it is the latter of the problems, you will have to find out what is preventing your page from being indexed and if it has been crawled after making changes or not.

When a user uses a search engine, the search phrase is then compared to the most recent index of any indexed page. The most relevant pages are chosen and the best pages, as per the search engine, pop up on the top results of the result page or SERP. Website crawling is one of the main ways an engine understands the content of a page and connects them to people based on their relevance to a search phrase.

Web Crawlers are really important to any website but are especially useful to businesses. Having faster crawling is always the best, as it ensures that your website is always on top. It is also important to have a website to enable fast crawling so that you don’t need to always rely on google URL submitter to crawl and index updated pages.

Benefits of Faster Web Crawling

Businesses and clients use the net to monitor a lot of vital aspects, thereby giving and taking services and products from multiple other companies. Having a website enabled to give faster indexing can be highly beneficial for a business.

  • Customer experience: When a website is bound to be crawled faster, it is probably because the site is fast, has a high loading speed, and a great SEO design. This ensures that your website is indexed sooner and when customers find it, it gives them a great experience. Having a site that is slow and not very pleasing can bring down your ranking but fast crawling translates into a better customer experience and thereby higher ranking overall.
  • Monitoring the Media: What the media says about your organization impacts your business as well. Having negative reviews on external sites, written by customers with unresolved queries can translate into a bad reputation for you. Web crawl can be used by companies to keep an eye out for what people are saying about your company on multiple online platforms. It allows you to fix any bad comment or remake you might have received and ensure that the writer of such a review is approached and responded to. This kind of information is invaluable to your marketing strategy.
  • An advantage over competitors: Slow web crawling will delay your chance of being indexed and thereby delay your ranking as well. Faster web crawling means your site gets indexed faster and you can start working on moving your rank up. Remember, your site won’t be ranked if it is not indexed. Being indexed faster and having all your pages crawled at great speed even when you update a web page allows you to show up on the SERP ahead of your competition.
  • Immediate Update: If you are offering services or products that fall under commodities, customers will tend to go back and forth between your brand and your competition to check prices, updated offers, services, and so on. Faster web crawling will allow for your updated pages to be indexed and show up on the search, making sure your customers never miss out on what you’re offering. This also ensures that you don’t lose customers to a rival brand just because your updated webpage wasn’t indexed.
  • Improved Ranking: This is one of the most obvious advantages of having your site crawled and indexed fast. You can build on your page and domain authority and ensure that you improve your overall ranking. This is especially important for newer websites that have a very low ranking. Faster page crawling enables them to climb up the ladder much quicker than if they were to wait for a crawler to take its time and get to their site.

Having faster web crawling for indexing is something that every marketing professional pushes towards. This is the first step of getting your website’s popularity and traffic, which is why it is considered to be of high value to a company.