3 reasons local SEO is the best strategy for your Singapore business website


A majority of online experiences begin with search engines. According to data, 90% of online users depend on search engines such as Google. When people want to search for businesses, products, and services, they start via an online search. Fortunately, if your website is optimized, you can meet your potential customers since you will be one of the top-ranking search results.

However, what if you are a local business with the aim of boosting traffic to your physical store? In this case, local SEO may help your efforts. It differs from traditional and organic search optimization.

Both traditional and local SEO prioritizes enhancing your rankings in online search results so you can attract more potential customers. It helps them contact you and purchase from your store.

Although traditional SEO focuses on your visibility on an international level, local SEO allows you to target local search territory to connect with customers and searchers in your location. It is recommended to hire SEO agency Singapore experts to boost your local SEO.

E-commerce in Singapore is thriving. It is estimated that across all product categories, e-commerce has a revenue of over $3 billion. It is expected to grow even more in the year 2021. The leading product category is electronics and media. It is followed by toys, hobbies, and do-it-yourself products.

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The importance of a local online presence

Ranking high in local online searches is crucial in today’s marketplace. Many customers are looking to buy products and services in their local area. They utilize the Internet for local searches.

Customers want to have an informed decision and do research before taking action. Because of this, companies and businesses who develop a good local seo strategy will benefit from a larger market share in local niches.

Meaning that if you invest in improving your local SCO methods, it will likely result in higher rankings for your company. Expect it to be at the top of local searches. A majority of people purchase products within miles of their home. Your small business must gain a presence in these local searches to get high foot traffic as well as converted leads.

In Singapore, your website must be optimized for all types of gadgets and devices. According to data, there are over 4 million smartphone users in Singapore. Over half of online shoppers in Singapore utilize mobile phones. Your website must be mobile-friendly.

Attract more customers with little investment

There is a lot of potential in the local seo for your small business. Some people might be living close to your store, who are actively searching for your type of business. This group of people is likely to become customers of your products and services.

Similar to regular SEO, optimizing your website for local searches can be a hassle. But it doesn’t require a lot of investment. If you hire an SEO agency Singapore, experts will cover all the details. If your local SEO strategy is a success, you will rank high in local searches putting your business in front of audiences ready to purchase. In the end, focusing on a strong local seo campaign can result in a huge return on investment.

Generate leads and close sales

Once you organize all the details, you can start reaping the benefits of attracting customers to your small business. Since the audience visiting your website are highly interested, you have the potential to generate business.

According to data, 75% of users will never search past the 1st page of rankings. It is crucial to check your website’s performance via Google Analytics to determine how many visits you’re getting from organic and local searches. You can also calculate conversions.

These tools make it easy for you to figure out what conversions mean to your business. Your revenue will depend on the product or service you are selling. From that, you can predict how much traffic conversions and sales you will get once you start ranking higher and higher in local searches.


Some types of businesses, such as food businesses and restaurants, are targeted at local customers. In these cases, investing in local SEO is recommended. What is the consumer behaviour of Singaporeans?

Singaporeans enjoy high living standards. They are keen buyers of foreign products and loyal to brands. They are somewhat cautious when exploring alternatives, but they do like new products. This customer base will embrace new products but only after testing its quality and customer care service. Singaporeans factor in price, quality, and services in their buying decision. If you want to capture the local market in Singapore, you must optimize your website for local SEO.

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